Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feliz Navidad!

My institute teacher was quoted in the last post and here he will be quoted again. He said,
"'Feliz Navidad' is the worst Christmas song ever."

Yeah, he really said that. Can you believe it? Neither can I. I am pretty freaking sure that 'Feliz Navidad' is one of the best Christmas songs out there. Seriously. I mean, I know that it repeats itself like fifty times. But how else are you going to be prepared to wish a Spaniard a merry Christmas?

Yeah. That's right. You wouldn't be prepared. (unless, of course, you were fluent in espanol...but that is clearly beside the point).

So, whether or not you are a Spaniard, I am here you wish you un Feliz Navidad (aka: a merry Christmas).

(almost unrelated: I am adamant that the worst Christmas song is 'Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer.' Seriously. It sucks)

Anyway. Here you can share in a couple of my lovely Christmas-y festivities.

First to be reported is that the neighbor boys from Cedar (I've mentioned them several times) actually got a for real Christmas tree. Seeing as how my roommate Amanda and I are the only semblance of a stylish influence on them, we begged to help them decorate the tree. Of course, they said yes (I'm pretty good at getting my way over there). So we went to the dollar store and made Mike, Cale, and Ty purchase ornaments and a star. The tree was looking pretty good when we were done. Unfortunately, I don't have a decent, picture of the tree. But just trust me, it was beautiful.

But we couldn't let the boys get away with having such a gorgeously decorated tree in their house, knowing that we'd never get the credit. So I made Mike buy one tacky element.
And they were just that. Pure tackiness. Barf inducing really. But truly the best part of the tree.

The other festivity I'll feel you in on is the White Elephant Christmas Party our ward held. I'm pretty sure that White Elephants can only be awesome. I mean, seriously. We had some awesome gift out there. Our limit was one dollar. Some people gave coloring books, others gave a week supply of Top Ramen. One girl wrote out a check for $1.01. People got pretty creative. However, I am completely convinced that I got the best gift.

At first, I had no idea what it was. But then someone told me that it was a toilet seat cover. And thus our bathroom was remodeled into a wintery wonderland.
And the best part is when the lid is up...

It was made by the Grandma of a girl who lives across the street from me.
And that's the story of how I started my Christmas decorations.
And the story of how I discovered how to spend my time when I become a Grandma.

Anyway. I really hope that everyone has a muy fantastico y feliz Navidad!

In closing, I will share with you the Christmas song that is probably my favorite ever.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Only a Little bit Late

I suppose I can't be blogging Christmas-y posts until I get the Thanksgiving post out of my system. And, I mean, not even Whitney has blogged about this yet (don't worry-I forgive). But I guess one of us has to do it. I'll take it on myself. So here you go. This is a lovely post about our trip to Kansas for the Thanksgiving break. I didn't take a ton of pictures. But I promise I'll only show the good ones.

Apparently, Georgia saw this picture and said,
Can't you see the resemblance?

We got to go to Adam-Ondi-Ahman while were there.
It was super beautiful.
Like this picture doesn't give it my opinion.
We went on a really good post-thanksgiving-dinner walk.
This was at the Crown Center.
The day after Thanksgiving they have this huge ceremony to light up the tree.
Complete with lots of singing and boring speeches.
Not to worry-the fireworks made up for it.
Ezra really loved watching.
Can you blame him?
An awesome fountains with cool lights above it.
I know, so descriptive.
On the way back home (in the middle of our 19 hour and painfully long car ride)
we stopped in Colorado at
Little Man's Ice Cream.
They have the best ice cream I've ever tasted in my life.
And if you know me
you know that this is saying something.
P.S. I'm promise I'm not as fat as that coat makes me look

And, honestly, would this post even be worth it without
some pictures of my outrageously adorable nieces and nephew?
I don't think so.
For the record, I don't think I'll ever have children.
I don't think I can compete with Spencer and Whitney's freaking cute kids.
Really. I don't think my future husband (no matter how good looking he is going to be) and I have any hope.

And so that was the trip to Kansas for Thanksgiving. Since this doesn't fully explain our festivities, I'll give you one more story since my institute teacher told us that it's not really Thanksgiving without some holiday drama (Trust me, you'll want to stick around for this one).

Okay, so anyone who knows Isaac would understand that you can't always trust his dishes to leave you sober. So on Wednesday, as we were all in the kitchen throwing together as many baked goods as we could, we half jokingly asked Isaac how much alcohol he'd used so far.

"None," he replied. "I thought Kansas was a dry state."

Uh-huh. We definitely believed him on that one.

Later that night, when almost everyone had gone to bed, I went into the kitchen where a bowl full of mashed yams was sitting. I grabbed a drink (of water) as I watched Isaac slip out of the room he was staying in and back into the kitchen with a golden colored liquid in an innocent yellow IKEA cup. He poured the liquid into the yams and stirred it up.

My naive self thought: Hm. Apple cider flavored yams. That will be interesting.

Then my more sinful, SUU over BYU preferring self came out screaming: Oh my gosh, Kim! You're so dumb! That's alcohol! (mind you, I'm not fluent enough in the language of alcoholic beverages to know exactly what kind of alcohol it was.)

Now, like I said, Isaac's dishes have alcohol in them, but you usually can't taste it too much.

So the next day, as we sat down to eat, I wasn't too worried about it. And it turned out that Isaac had made 2 types of yams. The first one was pretty good. Almost your regular marshmallow cinnamon candied yams (with Isaac, it never is completely regular). But we all wanted to try the second one, one Isaac claimed was made with "Almond Extract." (Just so you guys know, I know what almond extract looks like, and that was definitely NOT almond extract...and who puts a full cup of almond extract in yams, or anything for that matter??)

And I will tell you, those "almond extract" yams burned the whole way down.

Heather described it as "inhaling hairspray."

It hurt.

Isaac swore (and still swears) there was no alcohol in the dish whatsoever.

Again. Uh-huh. We definitely believed him on that one.

But, for the record, the kids loved 'em.

Really. Couldn't get enough.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Dear readers, the title is not referring to Christmas. It is actually referring to the fact that Kyle has been out on the mish for

Crazy, I know.

Kyle is pretty much my best friend considering the fact that he is basically my other half. We shared the womb together, after all. How much closer can you get?

I hope you all know Kyle, cause he really is the bomb. I mean, he makes some pretty lame-o jokes sometimes and he also has this really monotone voice when he just doesn't care about talking to people.

But he also is the funniest person I've ever seen on caffeine (1 mountain dew did him in...he was bouncing off walls...later he tried to explain that he was "just really excited" which is false. it was the caffeine).

And (as whitney and spencer know) he is highly entertaining when playing word games, like Boggle (he came up with the word "tam."
"Kyle," we told him, "Tam isn't a word."
"Yes it is," he insisted. "You know, like the color.").

And his knowledge is very widespread (before the 2008 elections, a couple of us were discussing the candidates. Kyle turned to me and said, "So Romney's the black one, right?").

As you can see, I love Kyle for fifty bazillion reasons and then some. I am so proud of him for serving the Lord. I am slightly jealous of Croatia for getting to keep him for two years, but I know that he is bringing about lots and lots of good (even if it is mainly through t-shirts, football, hiking, and lemon meringue pies).

Oh. And for the record: he writes me the longest letters.

See what I mean about us pretty much being the same person?

Friday, December 10, 2010


This is me.

For the past week two weeks (anyone who's experienced college knows that the week before finals is hecka more stressful than the actual week of finals) I have been in hell (ah-hem...'scuse the language...but seriously. My stats friend and I decided that hell would be a never ending cycle of statistical problems and analyses).

And for some reason I had six finals this past week.


And facebook was completely killing me.

THEY SAID: One final down, two to go!
I THOUGHT: You only had three finals? Ya pansy!

THEY SAID: Finally finished with the finals! I'm ready for the break!
I THOUGHT: Curse you and your early partying! *while sobbing in the background*

THEY SAID: Yay! Last final is over!
I THOUGHT: mmhmmm. It's Thursday night and I still have two finals to go...

But after I cursed for a little while I thought of my other friends. You know, pretty much everyone else in the world who doesn't go to SUU. All those people have finals next week. And here I am being done. Completely done (okay, I'll stop rubbing it in). But, really, who am I to complain? I've got it pretty good, you know, being done and all...anyway...

So here's my shout out to all you guys who've still got finals to worry about.

I made it through.

You can too!

That rhymed and sounded reeeeaaaaalllly cheesy....but, I'm just spreading the love, right?
*picture is not my own...but I thought it was stinking cute so...this is another way of sharing the love? I don't know...but really...good luck!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Yes. Another Hike.

so...I'm outrageously busy this week and the coming week (thank you, finals...and all the teachers who believe that I only take one class a semester: theirs). I love writing to y'all (okay, so here's the thing-I always want to say y'all, cause it's so much quicker, but I feel like you have to be either a)Whitney or b)obviously southern to say y'all effectively...but I really just don't care so I'm gonna go ahead and say it) and I have a BUNCH to write about...but I'm thinking you're gonna have to be patient, seeing as how I have TONS the next two weeks and absolutely NOTHING the following four weeks. Check back in december and you'll be getting all sorts of posts about thanksgiving and family and random thoughts and ramblings of boredom. But until then, enjoy this post :)

If you didn't catch the drift, my family (myself included) LOVES to hike. We love it. I used to hate it. But thankfully I was converted to an all consuming passion of hiking.

And it has treated me well.

We go on some pretty awesome adventures. And this last trip to Robber's Roost was no different.

Robber's Roost is this awesome slot canyon that got its name from the fact that Butch Cassidy and his gang hid there. Cool, huh? Anyway. Unfortunately for you (but quite fortunate for me) there is no hilarity in the way of bee stings on this post. So I will just give you the pics and a short explanation. A'ight?
This is Mike. When I invited all the neighbor boys to come on the hike(there are 10 of them), plus my roomies (3), Mike was the only one to agree.
What wimps.
So it was just Mike and I in the car for a total of 10 hours.
I think it is fairly safe to say that he now knows most of my significant life details
(like the story of the a certain guitar ballad
and the fact that I basically always have to go to the bathroom).

This is my sister Heather. She is basically a model.
I mean, she is a model.
In this picture.

Some crazy awesome spidering that had to go down.
Otherwise, we would have died.
And people: There was some insane mud on this hike.
Spidering + mud= H-E-double hockey sticks!!!!
Also Known As: Hell
Trust me.

Cute! More spidering.
Oh, this is such a great shot of everyone's rear.
And see what I'm saying about the mud? On my camera. Curse.

Mason. So hot right now.
But really. He's like a monkey. Pretty much.

This is my family.
Our mom says we're special.
Ha ha. Okay...she didn't really say that. But I'm sure she thinks it.
Except Heather. She looks pretty normal.

Sister picture!
For cute!

Cousin picture!
Haven't you met cousin Matt Park and cousin Tanner?
Really? Tsk tsk. That's a shame.

More mud.
On me.

This was our lunch break.
Bring on the beef log
(just FYI: that's the Nott's term. I think it sounds gross.
REAL hikers say summer sausage).

We are so good at teamwork!

Okay, sorry this was kind of all over. But really, I ought to be studying right now. Good thing I love y'all so much that I was willing to throw this up here so you could start the conversion process right away.

Remember, folks: hiking=good.

Like true love good.

P.S. update from last post: I am still thoroughly digging my boots. Thanks for asking.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tsk. Tsk.

I have officially become a terrible person.

Actually, I am kind of in the middle. Half of me thinks that I am truly awful.

The other half could care less.

And so, here I am in this torn state, unsure of what I am and what is to become of me. Let me explain.

Ever since I was 14 my parents forced encouraged me to buy my own stuff.
(pretty much everything I wanted
minus food and toothpaste,
you know, the basics).

Which I think is actually a pretty good idea. I appreciated my stuff a lot more than if my parents were forking out everything to me. I'm really grateful they did this.

And for the past 6 years (since this work-and-pay-for-it-yourself dealio started) I have been doing a freaking good job. If I do say so myself. I mean,
  • I've kept a steady job since I turned 16.
  • I studied my face off to get a good scholarship for school.
  • I've shopped all the sales and bargains and thrift shops (although, this is more about me loving the outrageously awesome deal I'm getting...)
  • I mooched lots of food and toilet paper off my parents whenever I returned from school for a weekend.
  • I lovingly take and use hand-me-downs.
Really. I do a good job. And, currently, I'm doing pretty okay in the financial department (let's just not consider how much grad school will cost...).

My frugality is working out for me so far.

Except that a month or two ago I saw these boots.

And I really wanted them.

I tried to stifle my desire to have them. Really. I tried hard (you know, minus searching the internet for them more than a handful of times to gaze at their beauty).

One side of me was saying:
"You don't really need those."
"What if you want to spend that money elsewhere."
"HA. forty bucks? I'm waaay too cheap for that."
"Material wants. Material wants."
"This will make you happy for a day...but will it make you joyous for a lifetime?" (okay, I didn't really think that thoughts aren't that righteous)

But the other side was thinking:
" cute."

And, somehow, the other side won. So. I bought the boots. Technically, they were only $39.95. I didn't even have to pay for shipping and handling.

And while a fraction of me is still thinking the money could have/ should have gone somewhere a lot more useful, the other part has already fallen madly in love.

Just don't tell my dad. He'd be terribly disappointed.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hiking Adventures in Cedar

I'm pretty sure I am such a slacker. This post should have been up here a month ago. But, alas, I am a college student...taking 18 credits, working 12-15 hours a week, volunteering some, and maintaining a healthy social life...thus, I hardly have time to blog. But this adventure really was pretty epic and I figure it's better late than never, yes?

Here's the story:

SUU used to have this lovely thing called a Fall Break. We would get a weekend off-usually Thursday and Friday-during October (yes, this break is specifically for all the hicks here in Southern Utah who count down the days before the deer hunt begins). That Fall Break is a much needed hiatus in the mass of drudgingly long and painful school days between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. However, SUU decided to hate us this year and take away our Fall Break.

Lame. Lame. Lame.

However (and this is a big however), my family is pure awesomeness. They figured that since I couldn't come to them, they would come to me. I know! They really do love me! They came on a Thursday and picked me right up from class to go eat at this Thai restaurant in town (yeah...I got a spiciness level of 4 out of 10 and I thought I was going to die-snot and tears were flowing, I tell you). I had to go to work after that, but I joined them that night for delish dutch oven. The next day, after I got out of my classes, we hiked Cascade Falls. It was super beautiful and fun (forgot the camera...sorry). More incredible dutch oven for dinner. Plus friends and family. It was so good.

Our Saturday hike was the truly epic part, so that's where I'll spend most of my time. We hiked Rattlesnake Creek/Ashdown Gorge, totaling around 11 miles. The hike was so pretty. I loved it.

Before I present the pictures I'll tell you the story of the hike. Trust me, you'll want to read this one:

I can't say it enough, the hike was really just breathtakingly gorgeous. My family usually hikes in the red rock area. And this one had red rock but it was mostly mountainous terrain (oh man, I sound so earth-y right now!). So we were about three miles into the hike when we crossed through a field and started descending the mountain through this woodsy-ish area. The trail was fairly narrow so we were going single file. I was second in line, with about7 or 8 people directly behind me.

Right before the trail made a sharp turn to the right, I glanced down at my feet and noticed a few bees swarming around a quarter sized hole opening in the dirt. Honestly, I should have said something. But, seriously, doesn't everybody hone in on potentially dangerous things no matter how obscure they might be??

Apparently not because a few steps down the trail my friend Mike started stringing together some Mormon swears.

"Dang it! Fetch! I just got freaking stung by a bee! Crap!" (yeah, I haven't heard "fetch" since 2002 either...but he said it).

Heather immediately assumed that Mike was lying. "Whatever," she insisted. I couldn't tell either way so I just kept on hiking. That is, until Heather started with the screaming. She ripped off her backpack and threw it at Mike. Then she started tearing at her clothes.

It was then that we all realized we had a swarm of bees after us. So we started sprinting down the trail, praying that we were somehow faster than our attackers. After running for a little bit, I stopped to make sure Heather was okay. Cause that's the kind of awesome sister that I am. But as we were looking at her back and Mike's knee (where they had been stung), I felt this forceful, stinging prick.

Right. On. My. Butt.

I don't think I've screamed as loud or danced as vigorously as I did then. My arms were flailing everywhere while I screamed and shouted at the top of my lungs. After calming down, I got the intruder out of the lining of my shorts. My lovely mother checked my behind for the stinger, but found nothing. It just hurt. A lot.

Luckily, Mike, Heather and I were the only ones to get stung. But we had to hike the remaining 8 miles of the hike with our stings pulsating with pain. And, because of the location of my sting, I was able to endure plenty of teasing about my rear end. Here's one of my favorites:

Pa: This trail is getting pretty narrow.
Me: Yeah. Good thing none of us are really fat.
Mike: Well, except for your left cheek.
Me: Oh my gosh. I hate you, Mike.
Pa: Kim, just turn the other cheek.

Despite the fact that they were referring to my butt, it was pretty funny. Anyway. On to the pictures!

This was at the first of the hike. The view was spectacular.

This is my roommate Amanda. I love her.
And also, this is my brother Eric. I love him too.
Eric, in true Eric-fashion, called Amanda "Amber"
or "Amy"
or "Ashley"
the entire hike.
I'm pretty sure he just wanted to get some.
He's pretty skillful at that.
I think it's true love.

See the old man in the rock?
I am totally kissing him...well, his chin.
You get the point.
Clearly, I'm very skilled at getting some as well.

This is my Cedar City family. Well, like a quarter of them
(the other ones are wimpy and wouldn't have made it on the hike).
But these ones are pretty rockin'. I love them.

These are members of my real family. I love them even more.
They are so incredibly awesome.


Family is the best.

And I get to see them this weekend too.
And it will probably take me a month to write about that trip as well.
Oh well.
Good story, right?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh, the Town of Cedar

A week or two ago I went on a date. As my date and I were talking he asked me a very interesting question.

"What's your favorite thing about Cedar?" he asked.

And he was serious.

Honestly, I didn't know what to say. At that moment I could only think of all the things I hate about Cedar. Like how there's only one and half decent radio stations. And how it's always outrageously windy here. And how the running here sucks (everywhere you run is uphill; there's no avoiding it). And how Lin's (the local grocery store) no longer gives SUU students the 10% off discount.

And to tell you the truth, I can't remember what I told him was my favorite thing. Because I could not for the life of me think of one.

However, I have since pondered this question and, as of today, I have a few things to add to my "Why I (for some weird reason) Really Do Love Cedar" List. Here they are:

This morning I woke up, threw on my running shoes and went running (yes, up several large hills wonder my calves are so awesome). Now, on any given day I might see a tractor or two on my run. But today I saw like 15. I was a little surprised by this outrageous number until I got to main street and saw this:

Yes, in the hickishness that is Cedar they have an annual Livestock and Heritage Festival. As a part of the celebrations (?) they herd a mass of nearly 1,000 sheep more than two miles down main street. Sure, it creates hell for anyone wanting to drive somewhere, but who cares? At least we are all getting an opportunity to get "a glimpse into the Old West."

But seriously. A sheep parade? Who would've thought? It's so ridiculously random that it just works. Disclaimer: Cedar is nothing like Lehi. As many of you know, Lehi is overrun with sheep. This morning was my first time seeing a sheep in Cedar. So, really, Lehi is a way more hickish town than Cedar is by a long shot.

After my lovely sheep-filled run I showered and then my roomie, Amanda and I headed over to Lin's to purchase some items while not receiving a discount. After our groceries were in the car we started to drive home. But then we remembered the Ye Olde Catholic Thrift Shoppe.

We have been wanting to visit here for some time but they close at 4 so we never really had a good chance. But today we remembered and it was around noon, so we had plenty of time. Who knew what kind of wondrous things we'd find. I got two sweaters, two coats and a skirt. And all of that was only $5 total. (If I get bored I'll take pics of the finds and post them here.) Anyone who knows me knows that I love second hand stores (mostly because they are super cheap. Plus if you don't get anything good, at least you get a good laugh for the items that are there...meaning that at some point in time, someone actually wore it). But this one was pretty dang fantastic. And it is definitely on my favorites list. I would even go so far as to say that it's better than Cedar's DI. I know. Crazy. But true.

Another thing that Cedar does a pretty good job on, is it's sunsets. Seriously. Can't get better than this:

Friday, October 8, 2010

BYU vs. SUU: The Attack of the High Schoolers

I has been awhile since we compared our two lovely educational institutions: BYU and SUU. I figured that another comparison was loonnng overdue. So, here we are, examining yet again.

It is a common known fact that college campuses across the United States are used for a lot of things outside the realm of continued education and learning. Campuses are used by non-student/faculty people for forums, meetings, reunions, conventions, symposiums, parties, and concerts. These non-student/faculty people are more than welcome on campuses. I mean, heck, it's their tax dollars (or tithing money) that goes toward making campuses even better, right? However, I believe the majority of college students/faculty would agree when I say that there's one group of people we'd rather not see on campus.

And that group is high schoolers. (duhn Duhn DUHN!!!! *screams*)

And the thing is that I don't even have to explain. Just that title gives enough explanation as to why we don't really enjoy their company. But I will continue...because, after all, we are comparing here.

We'll start with BYU. The mass of high schoolers on BYU's campus can be seen from May through August. These kids run around shouting obnoxious songs and playing ridiculous games. They flirt unashamedly with each other. The boys escort. The girls primp and bat their eyes. It is customary to find a Crush of the Week (affectionately known as a COW), after all, this is where John Bytheway found his eternal companion. And who knows, maybe these 14 to 18 year old kids are finding their's too. This wonderful program is Especially For Youth.
As outrageously annoying these beaming youth are, the adolescents that plague SUU's campus are far worse. They are the High School Shakespeare Competition, which, I think, can be adequately portrayed in the accurate diagram below:
Basically, the horror of the second weekend in October on SUU's campus is created by a Shakespeare/Drama/Theater/Singing/Acting crowd. (oh, the horror!)

I know.

What could be worse?

I can't think of anything.

These kids run around campus screaming lines from Macbeth and Hamlet. They stand in front of the doors to the General Classrooms Building acting out scenes from Othello and As You Like It. They scream. They yell. They laugh far too boisterously. They swear, thinking they are so awesome. They wear these horrendous costumes that Shakespeare himself would scoff at. They walk in huge groups making it impossible to pass their slooooow gaits. They are the epitome of annoying. To them, the world is a stage and all the non-drama folks are clearly the audience, despite the dirty looks they are getting.

Yeah. It is painful. So this is one situation in which BYU wins. Hands down, BYU's experience of High Schoolers is much more pleasant and much more bearable.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My 13.319 Mile Run Down Cedar Canyon

You know, there are some wonderful and terrible things about blogging. One of those things is the brag factor. I mean, I wouldn't regularly go up to someone and start going off about how incredibly awesome I least not seriously. But with blogging, it's almost like your blog is there to justify bragging. Like you can't go around tooting your own horn cause that's just impolite...but if you blog about your stunning qualities, it's okay cause all you are doing is trying to keep your fellow readers informed about your life...and I mean, you can't really help it if you just so happen to be doing some pretty cool stuff.

And with that introduction I would like to tell you about the half marathon I ran last weekend.

Actually, the story isn't that great. With most races I have a really awesome story to tell at the end. And while I could go off about the various breeds and species of roadkill I encountered, I won't. I'll just give you a run down of the race (ha ha...that was kind of pun-ny! run...get it? Okay, sorry).

In order to inform and educate I will tell you that a regular half marathon is 13.1 miles. But in Cedar City they like to make everything just a little bit better. So they threw on an extra .219 mile on at the end just to show you you could do it. Cause, I mean, I doubted.

And the race was basically completely downhill. That was one of the reasons it was so appealing to me. Downhill? Easy easy. FALSE. My calves were killing me by mile three. I still had 10+ miles to go! At mile 8 I walked. At mile 10 I actually stopped completely in order to stretch my calves that felt like they were falling off. I walked again at the start of mile 11. And again around mile 11.5. When I stopped that time this guy ran past me and said, "Keep going! You've only got a mile left!" Which, when I write it via blogging, it sounds like he was really upbeat and motivational. But he wasn't. If I had had enough energy in me, I would have kicked him in the shins! After I had tripped him, of course. He didn't know how my calves felt!

Overall, I walked a handful of times. Which doesn't make much sense because I beat my time from my last half marathon (which I didn't walk at all during). But I'm not going to complain (except for when my mom told me that they probably didn't time it right. Yeah, she thinks I'm fat).

The end of the race was pretty sweet, though. Like they actually called my name when I came running to the finish line. Plus they had these athletic trainers there who basically yanked and pulled my body for my own good. They called it "stretching." Plus they had RunnerCards, which are these awesome little cards that have your time, place, and pace on it (okay, I'm pretty sure only runners think they are way completely awesome. No one else really cares).

Shortly after the race I had the opportunity to sit in a car for 3 hours while my muscles stiffened. Which meant that the following day I had the opportunity of being told that I "walk like a woman who's pregnant,"(my pregnant cousin agreed...and she knows!) I look like I "just had hip replacement surgery," and I was reminiscent of "an old woman." Yes, I love to run.

The incredibly lame thing is that the camera guys drove past me while I was running and snapped at least 5 pictures...but the ones they decided to put on the web were not of me. I guess I am an ugly runner. Oh, well. So these are pictures of the race that aren't necessarily of me, but at least they give you a feel for the race.

This was the starting line. I know, the energy inside it is palpable.
I think this is when we were waiting for the kid with the cut foot to be towed down the mountain. We were all hypothesizing that the guy just decided he couldn't do the race so he grabbed a smashed beer bottle and...
P.S. You can actually see me in this one if you have ninja skills.
Instructions for seeing me: look at the left-most part of the picture. There's a dude with yellow shorts right on the edge of the pic. Then you see the guy with white shirt and blue shorts then you see the guy with an orange shirt and gray shorts.
Look between them.
You can see these insanely awesome calves that belong to me.
I'm wearing yellow shorts and a white shirt.
I mean, if the calves didn't give me away.
If this picture had been taken like 100 feet back, I would have been in the pic. I was right behind these people for the first half(ish) of the race.

So. All in all, it was a pretty great race. I finished in 1:35:10 (which means I maintained a 7:15 pace throughout the race). I was 5th overall for the women and 2nd in my age group (20-24). Yeah. So that is my bragging. And I was outrageously sore for like 4 days afterward, but I'm probably going to do it again. Cause I love running. Seriously. There's nothing like running down this gorgeous canyon appreciating the beauty of the earth as well as appreciating the fact that I can run.

Good story this guy told me at the beginning of the race:
The winner of some marathon finished the race in 2 hours and 20 minutes (marathons are 26.2 this guy was freaking hauling). This other guy finished in 5 hours. The slow dude went to the winner and said, "I think it is so amazing that you can run that far in such a short amount of time. It's incredible!" The winner then said to the slow guy, "I'm amazed that you can actually run for 5 hours straight!"

Regardless of my time or how I place I'm just glad that I can run.
Otherwise, I would have missed out on beautiful scenes like this.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Mucho Bueno Music For You!

At the beginning of this week my roomies told me about this concert that was coming up on Thursday (as in, yesterday). They told me about how they had gone last year and about how it was SOOOO good. I told them I'd come along with them...cause, you know, I am pretty pro at procrastinating my homework these days. However, yesterday I realized that the concert was FIVE DOLLARS. I mean, seriously: I am a college student. I am poor. I can't afford FIVE DOLLAR concerts to bands I have never heard of! Really! But as I contemplated my various options, I realized that going to a concert and procrastinating would be far more entertaining than being good and studious. So I went. And I will tell you what, it was AMAZING. Seriously-so so good. The first dude who played was kind of nasally, so I was skeptical, but the second and third bands got up there and I was blown away with their delicious tunes. I am such a kind soul that I have decided to share their deliciousness with you guys. You don't even have to pay me back.

The first (good/delicious) band was J.Wride. I know, what kind of name is that? But they rock. They've got a guy on the bass, a guy on the drums and a singer dude on the piano. The drummer was insane good. Like, I personally think that most drummers in most bands are just there because they are full of angst and drumming is a healthy way to release such angsty feelings. But this guy was incredible. I didn't know you could be so passionate about playing the drums, but he was. It was beautiful in a hard core way, you know (I don't know if rock bands use words like "beautiful"). Then there was the bassist. Ugh. This guy was super good too. I've never really thought about it, but I think that playing the bass would be outrageously difficult. It's so big. And long. And the strings are spread apart. But the guy last night made it look so easy peasy. And the singer/pianist. Oh my goodness, his fingers were working lightning speed. And when he opened his mouth, I fell in love. His voice was and controlled (trust me, I sing and I know). Anyway. I could only find one really good video on the YouTube but it is a really good one, so I will share it with you. Plus it's short, which is always a bonus. (Sorry it is being cut off by my formatting...I am not skilled enough to know how to fix it.)

The next band that played was John Allred. Okay, so it's this guy who sings and plays the guitar and then I guess about year ago he thought it would be cool to find himself a band for a few of his songs. The band was super good (minus the guitarist who always stood with his back facing us as if he thought we all wanted to take a look at his not attractive rear end). But when John Allred played acoustic by himself without the band, that was where the magic was. He is so talented. It was super awesome. So he's got lots of original stuff but he did a couple of covers for us too and the one that you HAVE GOT TO see is his cover of U2's "With or Without You." It was insane. He does all the instrumentals himself by recording a bunch of stuff and in this movie you can see him do all of it. I know it is 5 minutes long, but it is worth it-really it is so awesome. If you are crunched for time, though, skip to 3:15 (ish) cause that is where he yells into his guitar and it is freaking rad. Trust me, totally worth it.

So that is the story of how I spent five dollars on something that was totally worth it. And you can all thank me later for sharing such beautiful talent with you.

You're very welcome.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

24 Hours

Dear Thailand,

You have been graced by the presence of my lovely sister for 15 months now. Prior to visiting you, she spent another 3 months at the Missionary Training Camp in Provo. That means that I have not seen my best friend for 18 months now. THAT is a long time.

I'm sure you are pretty much in love with her because, honestly, she is just pretty darn fantastic (and then some). But you have to remember that she has a family back here who loves her. She has a sister who has been missing her for TOO long.

And she also stole my tweezers when she left and I have been missing those too.

Anyway, the point is that I am ready for her to come back. I have been extremely patient, but now it's time. So if you could kindly ensure that Heather returns home safely, I would be greatly appreciative.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ode to the Wisdom That Hath Befallen Me

Last Saturday just so happened to be my birthday. Exciting? Yes. Disgusting? More so. "Why?" do you ask? It is because I am now officially an adult. I've passed successfully through my teenage years never to see them again. I've lived one fifth of a century. I've made my way through all good songs with reference to age. I will never again be able to sing along to "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. I know that it's "seventeen-" but, honestly, it is just so easy to substitute 18 and 19 too. But you can't go around belting "young and sweet only...twenty!" That sounds so dumb. Also, my body is definitely feeling the toll. They say your metabolism doesn't slow down until you're 35 or something. But I'm pretty sure that my body is not the same as it was when I was 18...of course, I was on cross country/track during that get the picture.

Yes, life is changing. However, those people -the one's who said the thing about metabolism-I think they also said that with age come wisdom. And, obviously, this is true. I mean, how in the crap could I have come up with such an eloquent title if I was still 19? Yeah-that's right.

Okay. So, now I have to make this post have a point. And I have a good story to accentuate my gained knowledge. Here it is:

As you all know, I moved back to Cedar about a week and a half ago. It is pretty intense, I must say. Anywho...the single's ward that I am now in is pretty freaking rad. Really. It rocks. At our first FHE I was getting to know a couple new people-all of whom were quite awesome. There was this certain boy who I had met at church a day earlier. He's super cute and funny and fun to talk to. What's a girl suppose to do beside flirt? So we were busying ourselves flirting when he decided to ask the dreaded question.

"So, how old are you?" He asked. As this was before my birthday, I told him I was 19.

He seemed to contemplate this for a moment. "When's your birthday?" He continued. I told him that it is August, 28th, "so, I'm almost twenty," in case he couldn't do the math (I know, I'm so helpful).

"Oh," he said.

"How old are you?" I was just returning the favor.

He stammered around a bit before he answered, "I'm seventeen."

Yeah, and I later found out that his birthday is like July or something-so he's NEWLY seventeen.

Anyway, this experience has given me gobs of wisdom, obviously. Like how I shouldn't go and flirt with every cute boy who turns the corner.

But at least he is still able to sing that wonderful ABBA song.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey All!

Okay, lovely readers, here's the deal:

Muchas grasias for being so incredibly patient with me. I have been disgustingly terrible at keeping up with the whole "being a faithful blogger" deal. So, I am writing this post outrageously quickly...I have to go to work in 15 minutes. See? That is how much I love you all-I am willing to sacrifice 15 minutes of valuable time I could be spending on homework or facebook stalking just so I can update you all about my life.

I promise that I will have posts to come entailing my recent trip to the San Diego, my lovely new apartment, my full class/work schedule and, don't you worry, additional BYU vs. SUU conquests. But for now I'll keep it brief.

I'm back in Cedar. Exciting, I know. But really I'm glad to be back and I'm pretty stoked about this year. I mean, last year I was extremely busy being depressed about a certain individual who, quite effectively, broke my heart. Also, I was a freshman, and we all know that nobody likes those kind of people anyway-right? Yes. Okay. So this year will be good. I am healthy (for the most part) and happy and, best of all? I'm not a freshman this year.

However, there are some things about Cedar that I suppressed from my memory. Upon returning, however, I was very rudely awakened to these forgotten facts. Facts like:

  • the fact that there are about 4 radio stations in cedar. Out of all four of those only like one half actually count as a decent station. All the rest of the stations have these long drawling voices reverberating the beauty of the "tumblin' tumbleweed" or talking about their dog.
  • and also, the wind here in cedar makes it so that every girl looks like this on the sabbath:

Minus the scandalousness, of course.

Friday, August 13, 2010


After only having worked two days of my new summer job, I decided that I would dedicate the summer to getting through that job. That was my only goal: surviving.

Today, with three and a half months of work behind me, was my last day.

And at the beginning I never thought I would say this...but I'm sad.

I'm really going to miss my fantastically awesome coworkers who helped me get through those forty hour work weeks.

These are those awesome coworkers I was mentioning.

(Yeah, we're SO high school musical)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

BYU vs. SUU: David and Goliath

So. I am incredibly sorry that I have not posted anything for so long. I am truly a slacker. But in all honesty-I've been busy. My schedule is super lame and boring but it takes a lot out of me...lamely. Really. sigh. So, today, when I started thinking about posting something I really decided I was not going to do a BYU vs. SUU post...all because I am just not feeling that witty. Writing a nice little post about what I've been doing sounded much more pleasant and not nearly as creatively tolling. That's when I realized. I would have nothing to write about. My life consists of basically 4 things:
  • Waking up at the butt crack of dawn to go running (potential highlight of my day crushed into what is the groggy can't-really-call-it-awake wakefulness)
  • Going to work where I generally sit and/or do completely random make a mass of baby boy cards
  • Mondays/Wednesdays I have two classes. Both two and an half hours long. In a row. That means 5 hours of sitting, listening to lectures. No, beauty is not the word I would use to define it...
  • After all that I study. Need I say more?
So...yeah. That's my life. And I completely understand why no one would want to read about it. And so you get another evaluation of the schools. I hope you realize from the title that BYU=Goliath and SUU=David.
I'm not implying that SUU ultimately kicks BYU's trash...not necessarily...Nor am I implying that BYU is a monster. And I'm not saying anything about SUU eventually killing a man to get away with fornication...actually, I might be on to something there...

Anyway. What I am saying is that BYU is ginormous. Really. It is gargantuan. Especially when compared to the minisculosity of SUU.

Like today was the first time that I actually ventured into BYU's library. That library has potential to swallow you whole. It's terrifying. And I love libraries (I mean, I work at the one on campus in Cedar). But, after plunging to the depths, I decided I very much love that huge HBLL. Minus the fact that it smells kind of like an old person's house when you get in the not-so-commonly-used sections. I love it, but my heart will always belong to the Gerald R. Sherratt Library.

But, clearly, the library is not the only place of all consuming ginormity. It spreads across campus. There are like a bazillion students. And then some. And they probably have enough buildings with enough rooms so that each student could have his or her own personal study space.

SUU is kind of like the size of a really huge high school. Big. But not so big that you run into (literally) a new person every day. I believe the best way to illustrate this is to show a picture of each football stadium:
Lavell Edwards Stadium Seats: 65,000 Eccles Coliseum Seats: 9,500 (on a good day).
And, yes,
That really is the best picture I could find of SUU's stadium.

All other pictures show an empty arena.

Clearly, BYU also loves their football more.

This might have to do with the fact that they are actually good when it comes to football.