Thursday, July 8, 2010

BYU vs. SUU Part 3: Oh, the Wonderful World of Dating

So...we meet again, this time comparing the guys at each university. I swear, there are some very admirable qualities of BYU...but I will get to those later...because the guys are not an admirable quality here.

I realize that it is unfair to make such a sweeping generalization about a population which I have limited information about. However, I do have my experiences and, somehow, I deem these worthy of making a very educated hypothesis. And my hypothesis is this: Boys at BYU are tactless.


–adjective; lacking tact; showing no tact; undiplomatic; offendingly blunt

Please observe the following experiences I have had whilst enduring my summer at BYU that have lead me to the formulation of such a hypothesis:


Situation #1:

When I started working at my new job on campus, I met a very friendly individual. We got along fairly well, especially because one day after work, like 2 weeks after we met, he offered to purchase me some ice cream, which could possibly be the fastest way to my heart, so kudos on his part. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse, when a week later he revealed his secret goal to me. "Kim," he said, "my goal before I go home at the end of this term (term ended middle of June) is to kiss you." Do all guys think there's something wildly romantic about making awkward goals so blatantly obvious? Did he think that I would rush into his arms, lips fully puckered, because-if I didn't-what kind of snotty girl would I be-not letting an innocent young man fulfill his long contemplated aspiration?

In his defense...I still don't know if he was joking or not.

And FYI: He returned to his home town for the remainder of the summer without accomplishing his goal.

Situation #2:

For my minor-Family Services-I am taking the class "Preparation for Marriage." It's actually a really interesting class...but that's beside the point. On the first day of class, as I entered the room (I want to emphasize the fact that I was literally
entering the room when I heard this comment, I had been in the class for less than 10 seconds), I overheard one of the guys in the class say to another fellow male, "I plan on getting more than a couple of dates out of this class." Yes, he said it loud. Yes, he said it despite the fact that there were clearly several young women in the room at the time-who could unquestionably hear him. And, yes, he was checking everybody out the remainder of the two and a half hour class.

Situation #3:

My most ginormous Human Development class is always running out of seats. People have to sit in the aisle every day. So, I try to arrive early enough that I can sit on a real chair. On one such day, I spotted an empty seat on the end of a row, so I asked the boy sitting next to the empty seat, "Is anybody sitting here?" To which he replied, "Yeah. My new girlfriend."

He actually said that.

Sorry, buddy, but I'm not a freshman, so that line's not gonna work on me. Thanks for the flattery, though.


Anyway. That is what has lead me to make the very educated hypothesis that has been presented. I would explain how the SUU boys that I have associated with have tact...but this post is long enough-so just know that they do (oh, wait-minus one boy...but he didn't technically go to SUU...okay-I'll tell that story later) have tact. Generally. And BYU boys don't. Generally.