Monday, April 11, 2011

My Job at the Library

When people find out that I work at the library here on campus, they usually snicker. Like working here would be so boring. And, sometimes it is. Sometimes any job can be boring. I mean, sure, lots of other jobs get some rocking perks like free food or 50% off clothes. And the perks that come with working at the library are limited (seriously, who thinks that checking out a book without the completely mandatory student ID card is a perk?) But in all honesty, I love working here. It's the best. And I will tell you why:
  • I know what goes where, which comes in handy when I've gotta write 10 page research papers.
  • I can change due dates (oooooh, aaaahhhh), for myself and others.
  • I get to be the sexy librarian.
  • I often get paid for doing homework, sniffing markers (actually, not that enjoyable) and daydreaming.
  • I get to say to attractive guys, "I can check you out."
  • I get to chat with the locals (which might be synonymous with the guy who swears that Planet of the Apes (the pre-Mark Wahlberg stuff) will be the most historically accurate film sometime in the near future).
  • I get the best movie/book reviews.
  • I know where all of the best places to make out are (not that I've been able to use this very helpful resource...yet...)
There are tons of other reasons why my job is the bomb. But the best reason I can think of is portrayed most effectively through this lovely clip:

Oh man, Arthur is still rocking it.

It is definitely one of my goals to remake this awesome music video.

Or at least sing the song to some unwanting patron.

Moral of the story: Go to the library. More specifically, come to my library. That way, I can hook you up with the awesomeness.

Or, more likely, I'm bored and want a visitor who doesn't spend 10 minutes telling me that the Mark Wahlberg version sucks.