Thursday, September 29, 2011

Missed One!

I forgot to add pictures of the quilt I made over the summer. It was basically the easiest thing ever (that was the point...the last one I did was much more labor intensive). I made it a twin size so that I can actually use it (the other one was made for when I get married...which we all know is still awhile away). And I got crafty and made myself a wicked sweet pillow to go with it. And all the patterns I used were blog stalked. The quilt pattern was found here. And I regret to inform you that I saw the pillow pattern on a blog, filed the pattern in my head, and completely forgot where I found it. So, sorry unreferenced blogger! Here are the pictures:

Instead of forcing my mom to do the quilting, like I usually do,
I figured I'd do it myself.
In a young and free spirit (I mean, if you're going to make a quilt for your lonely college bedroom, you might as well throw some panache in) I quilted it with my favorite song lyrics.
Featured here is "The way it pops and fizzes" (from The Band Perry's Hip to My Heart)
Other lyrics included:
-"I want a love that's still alive and well in rocking chairs" (Andy Grammar, Keep Your Head Up)
-"Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and back in the saddles" (Shakira, Waka Waka)
Good times never seem so good" (Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline)
-etc etc...

And here's my pillow.
It still makes me happy.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Here's the Proof

Remember that one time?

When I never posted the awesome goings on from August or September?

No need to fret any long, because here they are! Now, this is likely going to be a very long post. Not necessarily wordy, but complete with pictures and appropriate commentary. I have sectioned each set according to the event, so feel free to browse and skim through what interests you (what am I saying? Of course you guys are interested in all aspects of my life). Here goes:

Kicking it in Kansas

Here's the story:
Sometime over the summer, Spencer and Whitney
a) got themselves a new house AND
b) got themselves a new baby boy.
And no one from the original Lifferth household went to go see either. Which I thought was just a little ridiculous. SO I yammered at Heather until she agreed to come with. We forked out the dough for the plane tickets and GOSH were we happy we did. We had a blast! Spencer and Whit hooked us up with an amazing time in the hot and sticky KC! We did all sorts of awesome things including hiking, caving, camping, swimming, running, and chowing down on delicious barbecue food.

We hiked to a castle!
Don't they look like princesses?

This is where we camped. Right next to the water.
We woke up to a hurricane. Okay...lots of wind and rain. We stuck it out and made fun of all the people who booked it out of there once things started clearing up. Until Torrential Downpour #2 came along.

We had ourselves a little dance party in the kitchen.
Just like their Aunts Heather and Kim.

Racing the annual Wyco Trail Nerd Night 10k.
At the last minute we decided to go for the 10k Trail Run. Kyle and I did it 2 years ago. This time was much less muddy...but still tons of fun. And we totally rocked it! (ahem...I'm going to brag a little....) I got first! For the women! I was pretty stoked to say the least. Plus they gave me $50 to a local running store. My time was just under 58 mins. Heather booked it in with fourth for the women (1:06). And Spencer came in at 1:09. I was so proud of us :) Pics and results found here.

We seriously had such a blast. Thanks again Spencer and Whitney!
21 And Still Not Married
That's right, folks. I turned 21. Since I'm still not married, and this is the the great state of Utah, I can officially join the Old Maid and Hopeless Club. It's great. I love it! But really. I had possibly one of the best birthdays EVER thanks to the sneakiness of my sister Heather and The Boy. I was completely shocked when I came home 2 nights before my birthday and found Heather, Jana, and Mary sitting on my couch, cazookie in hand! They drove down all the way from Provo to surprise me! We did pretty much everything you can do in Cedar while they were down here. That includes:
  • Being chased by a psycho upon attempting to enter the old hospital
  • Hiking Kanarraville
  • Swimming at The Lake on the Hill (dumbest name ever...)
  • Eating at Pastry Pub
  • Attending the most rockin' awesome dance party that SUU has possibly ever seen
Gosh. Gooooood times!
The fire we made to sit by while we enjoyed our shish-kabobs and s'mores.

The party we had on my birthday
that included my awesome Cedar friends and neighbors
Sittin' in Cedar
Has Cedar ever been the most hopping spot? Answer: Nope. Never. So we've had some great adventures trying to figure out what to do in our spare time. Usually it involves watching Monk or hitting up Krave (local Frozen Yogurt place). Sometimes we get a little bit crazier. Like:
When we went to the Iron County Fair.
Is that baby lamb not close to the cutest dang thing you have ever seen?
If it's not, you have no soul.

Snagging gobs of candy from the homecoming parade.
SUU I love you.
Ran the RedRock
The RedRock Relay that is. It's a 12 person team race that goes from Brianhead down to Zion's National Park (roughly 180+ miles). I was on a team with one of my awesome friends here in Cedar and her parents. Her dad and one of the other guys on our team are actually Psych professors here. Awkward? Answer: Surprisingly not. It was TOTALLY WICKED!!! I totaled 18.6 miles. And it doesn't hurt that several people from other teams asked if I ran for a college cause I was flying!"
My face is so beautiful in this one.

Me handing off to heather on our last legs.

Thanks for sticking through guys!
IT'S OVER!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yeah. I Just Did That.

I finally did it guys. I bought me some chacos:
I've been wanting some for like 3 years (not even kidding you). But you guys know what a cheap wad financially conscientious person I am. Am I right or am I right or am I right? (Right? Right? Right? RightRight? Name the movie...!)

I've been shopping deals on Chacos since forever and a few weeks ago my lovely friend/roomie found a deal that was just too darn good to pass up (so good, in fact, that we're going to rock matching ones:). Chacos for $36? Hook me up! So while they aren't exactly the ones I would've chosen...they were insanely cheap and I never complain about bargains.

They are currently in the mail. Should be here in a day or two (!!!!!!!!!!!).

And this purchase is sure to bring me back to my hippie roots (one summer and it's already to roots, folks). So, for the occasion, here's my favorite/most hippieish song I could think of:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a Little Premature...

But only just a little.

I'm talking about my senioritis.

Yesterday I had a nice chat with my counselor. You see, I've been planning on graduating with my bachelor's in a quick 3 years instead of the regular 4. Before you get too jealous, realize that I basically have to go on to graduate school (related work to a BS in psychology? Bar-tending is basically your only answer).

And it wasn't really as hard as you might think. I brought a handful of extra credits from high school, suffered through a summer at BYU and threw some internship credit for being a hippie. And there you go! Three years, baby! (It also doesn't hurt that psychology doesn't really believe in prereqs. I mean, after general psych and stats, you are good to go). counselor explained that I only have

--2 more required classes totaling in 6 credits (knew that)

--and a total of 13 credits, of which, 5 can come from my internship.

If you add all that junk together and do the math, I only need 3 classes next semester to graduate.

At first I was like, "no way, I'm still going to rock the 18 credit semesters so that I can learn more!"

But after a second or two much thought and deliberation I figured why the heck would I do more work than I need to?

I still haven't decided completely. Maybe I'll generate a burst of energy and go for the gusto of 5 or 6 classes.

More likely, though, I'll be rockin' PSY 3220 (Adult Development), PSY 4905 (History and Systems), and some random class like Drawing, Sewing, Cooking, or round three of Yoga and Swimming.

And NOW you can be jealous.
Until I realize I need to
--take the GRE
--decide on a master's program (MSW or MFT???)
--start begging and bribing for letters of recommendation
--write a letter of intent
--get my resume together
--pray like crazy
--etc. etc. etc.

P.S. I have much to write about the rockin' happenings of my life since the last time I wrote, all of which include pictures. However, the library here is not super conducive to newer until the next time I feel like toting around my camera and the necessary cordage...Please, be patient with me.