Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey All!

Okay, lovely readers, here's the deal:

Muchas grasias for being so incredibly patient with me. I have been disgustingly terrible at keeping up with the whole "being a faithful blogger" deal. So, I am writing this post outrageously quickly...I have to go to work in 15 minutes. See? That is how much I love you all-I am willing to sacrifice 15 minutes of valuable time I could be spending on homework or facebook stalking just so I can update you all about my life.

I promise that I will have posts to come entailing my recent trip to the San Diego, my lovely new apartment, my full class/work schedule and, don't you worry, additional BYU vs. SUU conquests. But for now I'll keep it brief.

I'm back in Cedar. Exciting, I know. But really I'm glad to be back and I'm pretty stoked about this year. I mean, last year I was extremely busy being depressed about a certain individual who, quite effectively, broke my heart. Also, I was a freshman, and we all know that nobody likes those kind of people anyway-right? Yes. Okay. So this year will be good. I am healthy (for the most part) and happy and, best of all? I'm not a freshman this year.

However, there are some things about Cedar that I suppressed from my memory. Upon returning, however, I was very rudely awakened to these forgotten facts. Facts like:

  • the fact that there are about 4 radio stations in cedar. Out of all four of those only like one half actually count as a decent station. All the rest of the stations have these long drawling voices reverberating the beauty of the "tumblin' tumbleweed" or talking about their dog.
  • and also, the wind here in cedar makes it so that every girl looks like this on the sabbath:

Minus the scandalousness, of course.

Friday, August 13, 2010


After only having worked two days of my new summer job, I decided that I would dedicate the summer to getting through that job. That was my only goal: surviving.

Today, with three and a half months of work behind me, was my last day.

And at the beginning I never thought I would say this...but I'm sad.

I'm really going to miss my fantastically awesome coworkers who helped me get through those forty hour work weeks.

These are those awesome coworkers I was mentioning.

(Yeah, we're SO high school musical)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

BYU vs. SUU: David and Goliath

So. I am incredibly sorry that I have not posted anything for so long. I am truly a slacker. But in all honesty-I've been busy. My schedule is super lame and boring but it takes a lot out of me...lamely. Really. sigh. So, today, when I started thinking about posting something I really decided I was not going to do a BYU vs. SUU post...all because I am just not feeling that witty. Writing a nice little post about what I've been doing sounded much more pleasant and not nearly as creatively tolling. That's when I realized. I would have nothing to write about. My life consists of basically 4 things:
  • Waking up at the butt crack of dawn to go running (potential highlight of my day crushed into what is the groggy can't-really-call-it-awake wakefulness)
  • Going to work where I generally sit and/or do completely random make a mass of baby boy cards
  • Mondays/Wednesdays I have two classes. Both two and an half hours long. In a row. That means 5 hours of sitting, listening to lectures. No, beauty is not the word I would use to define it...
  • After all that I study. Need I say more?
So...yeah. That's my life. And I completely understand why no one would want to read about it. And so you get another evaluation of the schools. I hope you realize from the title that BYU=Goliath and SUU=David.
I'm not implying that SUU ultimately kicks BYU's trash...not necessarily...Nor am I implying that BYU is a monster. And I'm not saying anything about SUU eventually killing a man to get away with fornication...actually, I might be on to something there...

Anyway. What I am saying is that BYU is ginormous. Really. It is gargantuan. Especially when compared to the minisculosity of SUU.

Like today was the first time that I actually ventured into BYU's library. That library has potential to swallow you whole. It's terrifying. And I love libraries (I mean, I work at the one on campus in Cedar). But, after plunging to the depths, I decided I very much love that huge HBLL. Minus the fact that it smells kind of like an old person's house when you get in the not-so-commonly-used sections. I love it, but my heart will always belong to the Gerald R. Sherratt Library.

But, clearly, the library is not the only place of all consuming ginormity. It spreads across campus. There are like a bazillion students. And then some. And they probably have enough buildings with enough rooms so that each student could have his or her own personal study space.

SUU is kind of like the size of a really huge high school. Big. But not so big that you run into (literally) a new person every day. I believe the best way to illustrate this is to show a picture of each football stadium:
Lavell Edwards Stadium Seats: 65,000 Eccles Coliseum Seats: 9,500 (on a good day).
And, yes,
That really is the best picture I could find of SUU's stadium.

All other pictures show an empty arena.

Clearly, BYU also loves their football more.

This might have to do with the fact that they are actually good when it comes to football.