Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Year and Good Things to Come

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you could direct your attention to the right of the screen. That's right. Soak it in. It is an all Neil Diamond Play List for your enjoyment. And because of the fact that Brother Neil is turning 70 on Monday (January 24th)!!! So I encourage you all to press that play button and turn up the tunes in honor of this fantastic singer-songwriter. Unfortunately, has a rather small selection of Neil...but they've got the oldies and goodies, which is an ample amount for sparking your love...if it's not there already, you know.

Rest assured that I'm planning a huge party for Neil complete with cake, music, and awesomeness. Also rest assured that you guys will be getting a full post on that spectacular event sometime next week.

Meanwhile, I'm going to update you on school. Cause everybody else is doing it.

I'm going to tell you how my first day of class went. But before I can do that, let me clarify some points.

I'm a Psychology major. And I will be the first to admit that Psych majors are interesting people. To say the least. I mean, where else can you find a group of students who know exactly who Zimbardo, Little Albert, Kitty Genovese, and Genie are. And be able to tell you why they were significant. And probably stem off a couple other names, theories, and/or studies that relate. Not to mention the fact that professors in the Psych department can get students nerdily laughing just by mentioning "the phallic stage" or "the real sciences." We are an interesting group.

The question we ask is "Why? Why do we do the things we do?"

Constantly analyzing. Body Language. Looks. Words. Actions. Habits. Thoughts.

It's never ending.

Which is why my first day was great.

My teacher started by drawing this on the board:"Now, students," he articulated, "Each line represents a matchstick. There are 16 matchsticks. You must rearrange them making it so there are only 4 boxes. But you are only allowed to move 3 matchsticks."

We had the rules. I stared at my paper. How the crap was that supposed to happen? Only 3 matchsticks. And 4 boxes. Hm...

"Each matchstick must provide only one side. Each matchstick must provide only one side." My professor kept saying that like it would solve all our problems.

Finally, I figured it out! I moved 3 sticks and made 4 boxes!

Can you figure it out?


Actually try this one.


So finally the professor asked if anyone had figured it out. I timidly raised my hand. His eyes locked onto mine as he bellowed, "You got it?"
"Mmmhmmm," I nodded.
"Draw it on the board."
So I did. This is what I drew:Get it? (okay, and I didn't really write ta-dah at the end...but you understand my excitement?)

Yeah. I finished that and my professor said,
"In all the years I've been teaching this class-more than twenty-that is the first time I've ever seen this solution....Who knows what that means about you."

That's it, folks. I'm a freak. Anyway. Here's my schedule for anyone who wants to know what kind of awesome classes I'm taking and how by the end of this semester I'll be that much better at reading your mind:
  • Personality Theories (How can you beat learning about all the weird, eccentric personalities out there with the most hilarious professor on campus?)
  • Behavioral Analysis (a class wrought with pigeons. And possibly disease. Some majors deal with cadavers. But we deal with training pigeons)
  • Guitar (finally putting that guitar I got 5 years ago to use...)
  • Group Counseling and Therapy (yep, we get to be the crazies in our full fledged therapy sessions. it's the best)
  • CSIS (computer science intelligence systems. GE. barfbarfbarf)
  • Effective Parenting (another aspect of my life that's supposed to scare me out of parenthood? possibly...)
  • Yoga (doesn't even need an explanation)
My first day was a little rough (you know, having already been proven by the DSM-IV that I'm psychologically abnormal), but besides that it's been going really well. Thanks for asking.

And just a reminder: Don't forget to wish Neil Happy Birthday on Monday!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My True Love

I have decided that my only true love is running.
I'm thinking I might add pretzels to the list...but I'll have to back to you on that one.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


On Christmas Day, as all of us children and my parents were having a lovely chat with my missionary brother, Kyle, my dear mother decided to tell us her New Year's resolution.

"My only wish for this year is that two of my kids will get married."

She said it simply, as if she were a child relaying her wants to Santa Clause.

Like we wouldn't notice.

Or like we wouldn't have to guts to tell her no.

But seriously?

Two of us?



I mean, let's think about this here. There are 7 of us kids in the fam. The oldest is Spencer. He's already married. Leslie, the youngest is only I don't think my mom was referring to her. That leaves 5.

As for me, I personally don't want to get married right now. Trust me, I support marriage. It's a lovely institution (after all, I want to be a marriage and family know, keeping families together).
But I'm only 20.
  • I have yet to make out in a library.
  • I haven't thought up my dream wedding.
  • I'm kinda thinking about a mission...
  • I don't want children currently (best way to prevent=abstinence!).
  • I've got stuff I wanna do...vagueness is my friend here (that marriage would probably most definitely hinder).
  • I promised myself I wouldn't get married at least until Kyle gets home.
I've got other reasons. You are allowed to imagine those reasons at your leisure.

Ahem. Moving on.

Eric's already tried the marriage thing. Didn't really work out. Might be awhile before round 2 comes along.

Isaac...well....he's just Isaac.

Heather just barely got back from her mish. Give her some time.

So, as you all can see, this leaves Kyle. And, if we look at this logically, there is a slight chance that Kyle could be married by the end of the year. He gets back in the middle of December. That leaves him like 2 weeks to find a girl and tie the knot. That's not too outrageous, right? After all, we are in Utah.

Slight chance with Kyle.
Glimmering ray of possibility with Heather.

I suppose all I can say, I mean, even with how much I love my mom (lots and lots), is:

My goal for this to not get married.

Thus becoming an old maid in the state of Utah.

A dream I have always wanted to accomplish.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's

Happy New Year!!!! Can you even believe that a whole year just flew by?

Neither can I!

I mean, let's be honest. What did I do with my life in 2010?

. . . . . . . . . . . um . . . . . . . .cricketcricket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yeah. I can't remember either!

Well, you know, they say that how you spend your New Year's Eve/Day is how you are going to spend the rest of the year. So, let's take a look.

This is how I spent my New Year's in January 2010...probably around 1 AM:

That's right. In-N-Out, baby.

They are right. I did, in fact, spend 2010 constantly craving the double double.

And being morbidly obese because of this craving.

This year we welcomed in 2011 with 9 people in my cousin's suburban:

This obviously means that I'll spend this year traveling a lot.

And having wide-eyed, large mouthed individuals screaming in my ears regularly.

Hey-at least everyone's wearing a seat belt. That's a good sign, right?


. . . . . . . . . . . um . . . . . . . .cricketcricket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .