Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Over!!!

So I decided that I will probably not make the world's best blogger. I really honestly don't know what I could write that people would actually want to read. I'll randomly remember that I am now the proud owner of a blog...and the moments that follow are filled with perplexity and thoughts of possible posts, almost all of which are quickly rejected. However, I need to write something so that I don't just have a one poster blog. Ha. That'd be fun.

So. Here we are. Post number 2 and I actually have some exciting information:
I know. I thought it was pretty cool too. It's kind of crazy. Honestly, the year went by SO fast. I'm moving back home (aka: Springville) tomorrow. Weird, huh? I'm excited to go home, but I'm sad too. It's been way fun here at SUU. So. Here are some pictures of my awesome first year in college.
This was labor day weekend. A picnic in the park.
After our homecoming game. FYI: We won!
They offer this aerobics class on campus (it's free too!) and the class before Halloween is 80's aerobics. Awesomeness, right? Trust me, this outfit was complete with tights, sneakers and leg warmers.
So for spring break I was able to go to Mexico with the school's Service and Learning group. These are just some of the awesome people I met on the trip.
In Mexico at the orphanage. The kids there were super cute. It took all the will-power I possess to not smuggle them home with me.
Sorry. Most of these pictures are of Mexico (I don't usually carry my camera around unless I know its going to be good...and I knew Mexico was going to be good). It probably needs its own post. But I'm too lazy for that... Anyway. This was at San Carlos. We just had a High School Musical urge, you know.
Okay, last one. It's so bonita, yeah? sigh. I love it.

School really has been a blast (sorry I pretty much only documented Mexico...the rest of SUU was fantastic as well). I've loved it. I am pretty stoked for fall semester...but I'm ready for a break too. Well a kind of break since I'll be going to summer term at BYU. I'm excited for that too. Anywho. Later, Cedar!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Random Urge

So...I am honestly a sucker for blogs. It's lame, I know, but I'd choose blogging over Facebook any day. I don't know why. But I do.

I follow blogs. I've probably been following yours. But you have no way of knowing-because I don't have a blog. Or didn't. I've given in. I was going to wait for some huge life event to happen to start one of these-I was thinking like marriage or something. But I was reading Grosland's blog, and she's reached 100 posts (congrats, by the way) and I was like, "Why wait? I'm living now." And, I mean, I'm not saying that my life is terribly exciting in any way, shape, or form, but I guess some of you want to read about my uneventful life. Which is cool by me. So I think I'm going to write (not too often, mind you...I'm kind of busy) and you can read to your heart's desire (oh, I know it's there!). And I'll probably keep following you. Except now you'll know, and you won't have to wonder who the stalker from Cedar is.

I now have a blog. This is an eventful day. Oh! And it's Earth Day. Just think-I'm saving paper...right?