Thursday, October 10, 2013



Hey, I'm still alive! Woot woot! turns out china blocks more than just can't get on blogs either!

Lame, right?

That's why I have been neglecting you so!

Now you can feel relief in knowing I wasn't like mad at you or something...haha

We finally found a good VPN...that seems to work, so I can give you an update! (But don't expect lots cause our internet is pretty iffy around here).

Anyhow...China has been awesome! It's been crazy, but so fun. The kids we teach are hilarious. One kid was calling Ben "teacher big" so Ben said, "yeah, I'm big!" He even stood up and stretched out his arms to emphasize. But the kid said, "no! Teacher big!" And then he pointed at his bottom. Apparently Ben is Teacher Big Butt here in china. I can't complain. They call me Teacher Yummy because I teach kitchen. I'll take it!

We've gone on 2 wonderful vacations. One to Yangshuo and one to Sanya. Google them if you want to be jealous ;)

This has been quite the adventure for us. The cafeteria sometimes serves chicken feet for lunch...and I've learned to bring TP with me wherever I go...cause, guess what? They don't supply it. But I'm learning awesome things (like how to say panda in Chinese...and that I really miss me a Costa Vida...). But yeah...good times!

Since blogging is not the most reliable, if you wanna email me, me email is I won't think you're a weirdo if you email. Promise.

Now I better get going so I can catch up on all of your blogs that I've missed out on!!

Love, Kim

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whitney said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of your grand adventure!