Sunday, August 11, 2013

The One with Phase 2

I never posted about Phase 2 of my summer which happened about a week ago. Phase 2 was me going to Girl's Camp with my sister Leslie. She was nervous about being homesick...and, well, when you're jobless you don't really have any excuse not to go.

When I was a Young Woman, our Girl's Camps consisted of sleeping in a tent near some lake and crocheting scrunchies for service projects.

But this year they switched it up and headed to Las canoe 11 miles down a river. It was a blast.

Immediately following that awesomeness, I hiked the Subway (which is in Zion National Park) with an awesome group of friends/family.

Needless to say, it was an awesome week. But, unfortunately, I didn't take pictures...but my excursions can be summed up with this one:
Yep, that is a genuine Chaco tan line. My first one ever and I must admit it is a whole lot better than the running shoe tan line that I usually sport. Apparently, sitting in a canoe in 104 degree weather will do that to a girl.

You can also watch an awesome video of our Subway Expedition here. My amazing and very talented husband made it with our new Sony Action's kinda like a GoPro but Ben says ours is better. Who's to say for sure? Anyhow, go watch it. It's pretty epic.


Craig-Chelsea Lifferth said...

Love the Subway video!!

whitney said...

Goodness, you've been busy! My first thought when I saw your foot picture..."oh, her poor feet! Just look at her polish!"

true story.

Also, loved Ben's video!