Friday, August 16, 2013

The One with the Farnsworths

After mine and Ben's weekend in Utah (p.s. the Girl's Camp trip has got me dreaming unhealthily about buying a condo in St. George...) we headed back to good ol' Idaho. The week's main event was the Farnsworth Family Reunion.

This is Ben's mom's side so it was right there on "The Farm" where my mother-in-law lives, next to Grandma's house and an Uncle's house. Perfect place for a party of this magnitude. Another upside was being able to actually sleep in a bed a night. What a blessing.

Uncle Ron was official party coordinator and he did a dang good job at making sure everyone had an amazing time. I'm positive he and his family had been planning for months and, trust me, it was worth all the planning and effort because it really was just that awesome.

We started the weekend out with some fun crafts. First I painted Ben's face. I'm pretty professional at it and I think I might make a career of it. I call this face "Earth Child."
 We also did some crayon art. You know, like the stuff you've seen on Pinterest. Mine turned out really awesome and I had some big plans for it...but then I left it out in the sun and it all melted together and turned out hideous. Oh well. Ben's was quite successful.
 Tiana's arranged her crayons expertly but was nervous about putting heat on it.
They had a train for the kids to ride on around the farm.

 The kids loved it and would beg to have someone drive.
 There was much swimming to be was really hot. And 2 of the mornings we were encouraged to do a polar bear plunge. You'll be proud to know that I was one of the few who participated in BOTH plunges. Only like 5 of us did it each day. I don't have picture proof...(Tiana I'm counting on you for that;).

We had a pie eating contest. 
 My favorite part was watching Uncle Ron (on the right) peck at his pie with his chin to break his crust. It was hilarious.
 I think Heather wanted to do the contest just so she could spew half eaten pie at her competitors. But who knows for sure?
The pie eating contest promptly turned into a food fight. A preplanned food fight meaning they had prepared spaghetti with sauce, rice, jello and I don't know what else. Here are some flying noodles.
Here's Ben attacking a cousin. I participated at a safe distance by just taking pictures. Plus I'm not allowed to waste food.
This was my favorite picture ever. Tiana's face? Priceless.
Here's the crew after the fight. They got what they were asking for.

Anyhow...I was going to post a couple more pics...because we really did a billion other things...but then I changed my mind...because I'm lazy.

Forgive me.

The point is, the reunion was a blast. We had so much fun and I was way excited to actually have an official Reunion shirt!

We're currently completing Phase Number Who Knows What in our summer as we travel with the Brown family to Nauvoo and Missouri. We're having a blast and you can rest assured that I'll getcha a post on these crazy happenings...when I feel like it.

On a final note, can you believe Ben and I are flying to China in 11 days?? 



whitney said...

Oh my heavens, can I be part of Ben's family!? so jealous!

Also, it's a good thing you didn't waste any of that food or else I'd have to report you to your father.

Farnsworth Family said...

Hooray, Kim! I LOVE the pictures you got!! The food fight one definitely shows my best side! ;)
I hope you guys are having a great Nauvoo trip! And tell Ben 'Happy Birthday' from all of us!