Monday, July 29, 2013

The One in Utah

It's official.

Ben and I are jobless AND homeless.

And let me tell is quite the adventure.

Ben finally finished his summer semester at BYU-I, which, frankly, was a relief to me. It meant SUMMER was finally here.

So we loaded all our stuff into a storage unit and we told Rexburg to peace out until further notice. We headed to Utah and finally let our summer of adventures start.

The reason for the Utah trip was mainly for my brother Kyle's wedding. Buuuuuut weddings bring all the other siblings in so we had a week jam packed with activities and good times with the fam.

I have to admit that I failed with the picture taking this time around. I totally forgot my camera for some of the best trips. So, many apologies.

We started the trip out with a 5 mile trail race that my brother-in-law Matt put on. It was on the Bonneville Shoreline which is pretty hardcore and way awesome. This year the race was small and unofficial...but Matt's going to make it start training for next year!

This is me finishing the race. I went slow because I was scared I would slip.

This was Ben's very FIRST race. And it was no walk in the park. He did SO good. He made me a proud little wifey.
Matt got hooked up with some awesome raffle prizes. Handheld water bottles? Yes, please!
Grandma (aka: Mom) took us bowling. The kids loved it!
See how excited we were about our crazy shoes?
Holy my oldest brother and his wife have 4 super cute kids (with one on the way). But their youngest one is hilarious. Whenever I walked in the room, he always had some weird get up going on. He can accessorize with anything. Here's a small sample (trust me, we saw much more).
Yes, those certainly are socks on his hands.
Very stylish.
He loved that one of the lenses was missing.
And since I included so many pictures of Oak, let me share the cuteness of the other kiddos.
Ezra at the splash pad.
Georgia made a heart out of play-doh just for me...that little girl melts my heart.
Scarlett's so darn cute. We'd tell her to stop smiling...and she for real could NOT stop. It was hilarious.
Yep, my failure is confirmed. We did waaaaay more than the pictures suggest. Our activities included but were not limited to:
  • Kayaking/canoeing the Provo River
  • Hiking and rock climbing in Maple Canyon
  • Having a dutch oven cook off/volleyball tourney
  • Mini golfing
  • Bach parties
  • Swimming at the Spanish Fork Pool
And last but not least
  • Planning and taking part in many a wedding festivities
It was a very busy and super fun week.


marina glyn said...

Awww. I just love this. sosososo much.

Farnsworth Family said...

How fun! I'm glad your summer is off to a great start! :) Those kiddos are adorable. Can't wait to see you hobos next week at the reunion! ;D

whitney said...

So glad you posted these! Look at you all on top of things! I loved seeing the pics of the kids...I never thought of taking pictures of Oak's outfits, but you're right, they're friggin' hilarious!

Enjoy your homelessness! We'll see you...[sniff sniff] a while!